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AUTO Cage Welding machine

  • Rebar Cage Welding Machine for concrete pipe
  • Rebar Cage Welding Machine for concrete pipe
Rebar Cage Welding Machine for concrete pipeRebar Cage Welding Machine for concrete pipe

Rebar Cage Welding Machine for concrete pipe

  • Product description: Auto Cage Welding Machine for cement pipe.One person can operate.can make one cage in 5-6 Minutes. Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat:086-15095208459

Rebar Cage Welding Machine for concrete pipe

1. Auto Cage Welding Machine Working Principle:

The cage  welding machine consist of 4 parts of driven systems, inclusive Master plate of Rotation, Plate of push reinforcing steel , expansion diameter part, and welding machine . The 4 parts are drived by independent electrical motor. The Full variable frequency control ensures that the span of the latitude steel and the angle of the spigot won’t not change along with the welding speed. Adjustment the ratio of motor speed can change the span of latitude steel, and angel of spigot. This machine can weld different diameter cages via adjustment of location and position of the master plate and welder.cage welding machine is a special-purpose welder used to produce the high-strength concrete pipe pile reinforcement cages. The welder is widely applied to reinforcement cage welding by self-stressing and prestressing pretensioning method and post-tensioning method.

1. Large diameter of weldable main reinforcement, long frame, small torsion and good integral performance ;

2. Small weld strength loss;

3. Adjustable cage pitch and quick forming;

4. High-speed and stable operation and high efficiency;

5. Variable frequency control and high stability and reliability ;

6. Rational structure and easy and convenient operation and maintenance.

2. Auto Cage Welding Machine Features:

1.Automatic PLC control, Man-machine interface, Touch screen.

2.Variable Frequency Speed control and inverter;

3.Pneumatic clamping system, Gear wheel chain on the main plate;

4.Transformer and electrode water cooling system.

It makes up of four systems:The Main plate; Pushing Plate; Diameter changing; and Cooper welder,they

are working, driven by the separate motor.

The Variable Frequency Ratio speed control system will promise the spiral pitch.

3.Product Picture:

4.Technical Parameter of HGZ800-2000 Type Cage Welding Machine



Validity Dia

Socket: 800-1800mm

Flat: 800-2000mm

Max length of welding


Dia.of steel wire



Quantity of longitude wire


Span between latitude wire


Angle of spigot


Rotation speed of main plate


Motor power


Transformer power

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