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Brazil and Qatar Cement Products Market Research Report


First, the Southern Common Market Overview

Southern Common Market (Mercosur or Mercosul) is the regional trade agreements in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela and other South American countries, was established for the purpose of promoting free trade and the free flow of capital, labor, goods.

Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have associate membership has been made. Set in the region of more than 270 million population, and according to IMF statistics, the sum of the GDP of Member States more than $ 3 trillion per year. So that Mercosur has become the world's fifth largest economy. She also ranked fourth in the EU after a large trade area.

Second, the Brazilian market overview

Brazil is the largest country in South America, per capita GNP primacy of Latin America, which accounted for nearly half of the building market share in Latin America. In 2012, Brazil became the world's sixth largest economy. The rapid rise in the Brazilian market has become a large number of Chinese companies a market should not be underestimated.

World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games in 2014 brought about tremendous business opportunities for the architectural market, including concrete market, has great room for growth, the market is very hot. Brazil's weak infrastructure facilities, huge capital gap, the federal government's weak financial and capital needs over the next decade internal infrastructure investments of up to $ 2 trillion. According to statistics, concrete construction equipment and construction machinery will increase by 7.5% per year in Brazil, in addition to rich mineral resources to make the Brazilian market of heavy construction and mining equipment, strong growth, it estimated that over the next five years, the industry in Brazil have a historic 46% growth rate, while the 2016 infrastructure development is expected to rise sharply by 25% (half of the growth came from the residential sector).

By the process of urbanization speed, large-scale construction to stimulate competition venues, the Brazilian concrete admixture market in recent years has maintained a growth momentum, concrete admixture market in Brazil is expected the next few years will be 9.2% of the market revenue CAGR increase, 2016 It will reach $ 569.3 million. This makes Brazil became one of the emerging markets of construction machinery, building materials, concrete equipment competing for.

Brazil, a series of reforms for the Chinese enterprises to create more opportunities, Chinese enterprises have the capital, Chinese investment in Brazil can compensate for the lack of domestic investment, but also create the conditions for Chinese enterprises to go abroad to achieve the overall layout.

In mid-July 2014, two countries heads of state held in Brasilia talks, the two sides issued a "Joint Declaration on further deepening China-Pakistan comprehensive strategic partnership," the increasingly close relationship between China and Pakistan, will help enterprises stationed in the Brazilian market.

May 2015, leaders of the two countries issued a joint statement and signed the "Government of People's Republic of China and the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil from 2015 to 2021 Joint Action Plan," the Plan in promoting the development of bilateral relations, but also It provides an opportunity for Chinese enterprises to develop concrete Brazilian market.

Brazil 2015 International Construction Machinery Exhibition-cum-concrete:

The exhibition will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil immigrant Exhibition Centre 26-28 August 2015. Exhibits include: heavy construction machinery, concrete products, tools and accessories, transport equipment, excavators, pipe cutting machines and folding machines, truck manufacturers, measuring equipment, waterproof materials, equipment rental, additives, chemicals, prefabricated parts, formwork and scaffolding, demolition equipment and maintenance of equipment, software, cement building systems, product development, and other protective equipment.

Third, Qatar Market Overview

With the advance "along the way" of the national strategy and trade cooperation between China and GCC member countries it is of great significance, and Qatar as Afro-Eurasia transportation hub, will undoubtedly become open up a bridge linking China and the Gulf countries, economic and trade relations. To establish a comprehensive strategic partnership in the cards, but also will promote bilateral pragmatic cooperation to a higher level.

Qatar after the successful 2022 World Cup and the 2019 World Championship bid to host two major international competitions, their own infrastructure market demand was the rapid growth, the government will invest in large-scale infrastructure investment and development, including the construction of the new city, the old urban transformation, subways, railways, highways, bridges, piers, stadiums, hotel accommodation and so will usher in a construction boom. The members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Qatar plans to build and the total value of projects under construction are the top row, the Middle East has become the most attractive market.

Qatar ongoing projects worth more than 250 billion US dollars, total infrastructure investment accounted for 34% of all. During the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be a $ 100 billion plan, which is the fastest growing real estate plan that worth a total of $ 55 billion. In addition, the $ 35 billion railway construction projects; 240 hotel (approximately 90,000 rooms) plans; meet the 500,000 attendance 12 The stadium was built; the connection between Qatar and Bahrain roads worth $ 4 billion will be completed; nearly $ 20 billion for road construction and expansion, etc., for building China building materials industry to provide a rare opportunity for development.

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