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Effect haze of cement pipe and cement pipe equipment industry

In October 2014, North China, Huang-Huai continuous fog and haze, resulting in Beijing, Hebei, air pollution, Beijing October 8 issued a yellow warning haze to 9 am upgraded to orange, seriously affecting people production and life. This is a land area covering one-eighth of the air pollution caused strong concern of all parties, and there will be a succession of related policies, which will inevitably have an impact on energy-intensive cement products industry.

Why is there such a serious area of Beijing, Tianjin haze? A recent study from the environmental organization Greenpeace has given us the answer, from the industry point of view, coal power plants and industrial sources steel mills, cement works are the main sources of pollution in Beijing, Tianjin region. To this end, Baoding mayor Ma Yufeng Tian Jing city held net net Village Action Radio and Television General Assembly in the afternoon of October 8, and to "three net" action and the APEC meeting to ensure air quality for mobilization. Baoding and the surrounding counties of various high energy consumption, the company also began to receive notice of rectification, cement pipe industry as a high-energy-consuming industries, too, are within the scope of rectification, some unqualified small factories ordered to stop production or change environmental protection equipment , the pattern of the entire cement pipe industry will be changed dramatically.

Haze is Forced to speed up eliminating backward production capacity, traditional cement pipe enterprise development challenges. Hebei Province in North China as the largest production base of cement pipe, cement pipe manufacturers have more than 50 manufacturers of small factories uneven quality cement pipes produced good and bad, some artisanal manufacturers in order to increase production and reduce costs, a large number of the use of inexpensive raw materials, using old legacy boiler, product quality standards on the one hand, on the other hand is exacerbated by the haze of pollution, if still take the traditional production process and the process is bound to be overwhelmed by the tide of history.

Haze came, extensive growth mode the end, cement pipe industry will usher in "green, low carbon, environmentally friendly," the new model of economic growth in the face of most of the traditional mode of production, transformation priority cement pipes Enterprise It is bound to usher in better opportunities for development. Hebei Province as a cement pipe production, "city", is one of the key area of Beijing, Tianjin and control air pollution control, environmental protection campaigns began last year, a large number of small workshops rod factory closed down, many companies began to consider a career change, after a year grace period, a number of small factories do not seek transformation still linger some have closed down; other enterprises through learning in official documents, were a drastic transformation reform, technological innovation and transformation and upgrading, integration advantages of resources, the production of cement pipe sold at home and abroad, on the one hand to achieve zero emissions, the total value of production on the other hand has also been a leap-like growth can be described as a win-win.

Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Qingzhou Yu Hai appealed to cement pipes Enterprise timely transition, priority replacement of coal-fired boilers, the use of zero-emission pollution environmental protection boiler; on the other hand increase the production of plant automation, mechanization level, reducing the cement pipe material dust Pollution. Meanwhile, as the cement pipe cement pipe upstream of enterprise equipment manufacturers, we should pay attention to environmental protection product certification, innovation downstream businesses in good condition.

Haze cement pipe industry pros and cons, traditional thinking will lead to complacency enterprise backwards; positive reforms in transition will enable enterprises to do bigger and more powerful. Change the pass, General of the times and actively restructuring is the only way of business survival.

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