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The type of cement pipe machine

   Cement pipe machine process is divided into cement pipe centrifugal cement pipe and pipe movement mode vibration two processes. Some differences between these two processes, the main difference is that the vibration mode on, let's explain in detail.

  Cement pipe movement mode vibration process using semi-rigid concrete, vertical and radial mode vibration in the fabric extrusion, molding by internal vibration force and amplitude adjustment to the best vibration compaction concrete molding force, thereby obtain C50 high strength concrete pipe body, so that the anti-load capacity and impermeability of the pipe than the centrifugal and roller suspension technology significantly enhanced. At the same time this protective layer of concrete pipe steel mesh uniform process, will not be centrifuged, suspended roller technology steel mesh displacement jump tendons and tendons, muscle bulk and other phenomena, cement pipe machine to protect the life of the pipe 50 years.

 Since the vertical vibration mandrel pipe technology is used both inside and outside the whole pipe mold, mold stiffness is very good not easily deformed, and a single set of specifications mold, so shaped concrete pipe roundness, size standard diameter pipe hekou no body joints, pipe wall finish than the centrifugal process and suspended roller technology has improved significantly. In addition, the vertical vibration of the mandrel into the pipe after the end of the process in the concrete cement pipe machine, concrete in the axial direction of the rotation again squeeze, more effective and increases the strength of the vertical pipe mouth, installation smoothly.

Centrifugal cement pipe machine plastic pipe process using concrete, after forming the wall structure is hierarchical, anti-impact load capacity of concrete; concrete grade usually C30, can do C40, but stressed concrete spout is low in the body of the tube, not suitable for pipe jacking; molding die lying in the centrifuge tube rotating at high speed, steel mesh along with exercise, there will be two effects pipe life situation:

1, there will be run steel mesh reinforcement ribs and drain phenomenon is not solid solder joint, local emergence of the tube body unreinforced state,

2, after forming the steel mesh is difficult to be centered, eccentric steel mesh, steel mesh protective layer is uneven; this process requires a lot of production to ensure that mold, each mold dimensions are deviations, the split mold prolonged use of disassembly also showed a larger deformation, thus leading to a greater roundness pipe, nozzle verticality, tube diameter size and length dimensions, etc. deviations affect the quality of installation works, cement pipe leakage the road leading to subsidence, caused by contamination of soil and groundwater on both sides of the line.

Application ratio of the two processes are similar, each have their own advantages, we use the time can also be selected according to the actual situation

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