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concrete and reinforced concrete pipes industry report

Concrete and reinforced concrete drainage pipes for its low cost, easy construction, long service life and ease of maintenance and other irreplaceable advantages, widely used in urban and rural municipal drainage, sewage, water and agricultural irrigation, played a huge role.

After decades of development, China has become the production and use of concrete and reinforced concrete pipes largest country in the world, has become one of the industry drains cement products industry the largest industry. In recent years, as China's municipal construction, water conservancy projects, sewage treatment, the development of urban underground infrastructure for concrete and reinforced concrete pipes industry has brought unprecedented opportunities for development, mainly in the following aspects.

Pipe Technology

At present, China already has the world's concrete and reinforced concrete drainage pipe production of all advanced technology, pipe production process by using the degree of how much order is as follows: hanging roller molding process, mold core vibration molding, vibration molding vertical technology, vertical radial centrifugal molding process and extrusion molding process (including a vertical insert molding and vibrators vibrators attached to vertical molding), wherein the mandrel tube vibration technology have developed rapidly in recent years, the pipe technology for its energy-saving, environmental protection, efficiency, quality and other advantages recognized by the market, domestic core mode vibration equipment improved through the improvement of a few years, has gradually matured, the basic performance of the device is gradually approaching the level of advanced foreign equipment mandrel. At the same time, large energy consumption, serious environmental pollution, low labor productivity centrifuge tube technology is gradually withdraw from the drain production.

The next few years, the drainage tube control process will maintain the good momentum of development, continue to provide advanced pipe technology forward, which suspended roller tube production process in a small tube will maintain a share, but the conditions and the strength of the expansion or relocation companies will reduce or phase-out of the pipe technology to the small core mode vibration and radial extrusion process conversion, which is energy saving, safety and environmental protection, save labor and improve production efficiency of the inevitable trend.

Interface Type

Interface in the form of product: So far, in addition to rural roads and irrigation culvert pipe with a small diameter tube still rigid interface, the vast majority of reinforced concrete pipes with flexible rubber ring connection interface in the form of a diameter of 1350mm or less is generally flexible joint socket type, diameter 1350mm above the tongue and groove type of flexible joints. Jacking construction method with reinforced concrete pipes with flexible joints vast majority of steel socket type. Flexible joint double jack type in the project rarely use.

Product structure and appearance

At present, in the shape of reinforced concrete pipes from a single circular concrete pipe culvert development to shape round, square, oval, and a variety of shaped tubes with base; in construction, from the pure concrete pipe open up the glass-lined steel, lined with PVC, PE liner material lined composite pipe; the material has been developed for the ordinary concrete drain pipe reinforced fiber concrete, corrosion of reinforced concrete outfall; on the field of use has been expand irrigation and drainage water from the municipal to the railways, roads, sewage, electricity and other sectors, especially in the last two countries to strengthen the construction of municipal facilities underground spirit of the document, the more new reinforced concrete pipe opened up space for development, large-diameter power cable pipe culvert, city pipe Gallery, shaped precast culvert, prefabricated concrete inspection equipment and other wells are constantly being recognized and upcoming design department and the engineering department to use, it will be one of the future direction of development of reinforced concrete drainage pipe manufacturers.

Product Specifications

Of reinforced concrete pipes (pipe) the maximum size now stands at 4.4m, water diversion project in Liaoning Northwest application, 3m above the large diameter pipe has sewerage, electricity, urban utility tunnel, underground drainage project in major cities the universal application. Reinforced concrete pipes of small diameter from less than 1m to 4m over the development of large-diameter pipe. For some time, with the construction of municipal infrastructure, and the second and third tier cities will gradually increase the pipe diameter drainage facilities.

Construction methods

In the installation and construction of reinforced concrete pipes in the city, Jacking way is constantly increasing weight, which works most steel socket. Jacking solved pipeline construction damage to city buildings and to bring road traffic congestion and other problems, is a new environmentally friendly construction methods, especially in recent years to promote rapid urban construction, and will continue to expand application.

Production equipment

In recent years, reinforced concrete drainage pipe control the rapid upgrading of equipment, technical content continues to increase.

Stirring the ingredients and equipment: 80% reinforced concrete pipes production line adopts electronic automatic batching concrete mixing station measurement, single ingredient and measurement platform will be phased out, microwave dynamic measurement technology put into water drainage concrete mixing equipment applications.

Steel skeleton production equipment: In addition to the above crude steel 12mm diameter rebar produced still take manual welding molding, reinforced concrete pipes with steel skeleton has been used in all the production of molded steel skeleton roller welder, large reinforcement rate rebar reinforcement and double adjustable automatic welding seam welder has been put into use in the country, manual steel banding skeleton have been eliminated.

Forming Equipment

At present, China controls drainage tube forming apparatus includes a suspended roller machine, core molding machine, vertical vibration molding equipment, centrifugal machine, radial extrusion molding machine has been fully achieved domestically, which made the core molding ripe, the the main technical performance approaching or have reached the advanced level of equipment abroad mandrel, radial pressing equipment in the debugging process of improvement. I believe that in the near future, China's production of reinforced concrete pipes and equipment will continue to energy conservation and environmental protection, security, efficiency, save labor, increase production efficiency direction.

In summary, our reinforced concrete pipes industry has become one of China's cement products industry worker largest industry, with the development of infrastructure, the past five years the industry will continue to have a larger space for development, not only to continue municipal drainage, irrigation use, will for the underground infrastructure of underground pipeline corridors, underground power grids, underground underground drainage, drainage engineering and other rural and urban sewage treatment, disaster prevention and response, environmental conservation and make greater contributions.

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